Thoughts, tips and lessons learned from producing handwritten notes for customer appreciation, thank you cards and event invitations.

Luxury Stationery and Handwritten Notes – 5 Terms to Know

The average consumer lives in a world inundated with digital touchpoints. This barrage of digital communication is what makes receiving a handwritten note feel so special. It’s something different, something that can be felt, touched and appreciated in a way that email will never be able to capture. Whether you are crafting your first handwritten

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Handwritten Notes for Sales

Getting Started With Handwritten Notes for Sales

We all have something we could improve in our lives, whether it’s going to the gym, getting enough sleep, or eating better. As a salesperson, sending out handwritten notes for customer follow-up certainly falls into this bucket for most of us. Getting started is always the most difficult part but trust me, it will pay

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Handwritten Notes for Business - Best Practices

Handwritten Notes for Business – Best Practices

Marketers are challenged with creating unique and genuine personalized experiences at every step of the customer journey in-store, online, and beyond. When leveraged appropriately, handwritten notes can be the perfect medium for standing out from today’s avalanche of digital noise to create lasting connections with customers. Having helped businesses send 1 million+ handwritten notes over

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