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Wami partners with 3D Brooklyn to launch Covidsupplies.NYC

These past few months have been incredibly strange. In early January / February, we started to hear murmurs from some of our global customers about a slowdown in consumer spending.  As the Covid-19 pandemic picked up speed in the U.S., it was evident that there was a shortage of personal protective equipment (PPE) for hospitals

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Aaron Roy - Loyalty 360

Video: Loyalty 360 thought leadership series

I recently had the chance to chat with Loyalty360 on how brands are adapting their outreach initiatives, and how marketers are recalibrating playbooks to be successful in Q3 and Q4. It’s quite strange to make predictions right now about how businesses will reopen back up for business. Still, I think it’s a fair assumption to assume

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how to design stationery

How to Design Stationery for Handwritten Notes

Whether you are sitting down to write a single thank you note, or sending out handwritten notes at scale, it all starts with stationery.  In this video, our CEO Aaron Roy explains the process he uses to design stationery with Adobe Illustrator and offers up tips and tricks he’s learned along the way.  Topics covered: 

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History of Handwritten Letters

The History of Handwritten Notes

In our 280-character limit, soundbite-driven world, it’s nearly impossible to believe that once upon a time a handwritten note could make or break a reputation, seduce a paramour, or quell an enemy. The power of the written word has never been in dispute, but a handwritten note is becoming exceedingly difficult to come by.  With

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Handwritten Notes as an Email Alternative

Handwritten Notes as an Alternative to Email

It’s a new year, and every retailer, for better or worse, is already ramping up their email marketing efforts. Every company wants better open rates, more customers and genuine customer loyalty, yet every year we see many brands compete with exactly the same marketing playbook and hope to outperform past years and stand out against

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Luxury Stationery and Handwritten Notes – 5 Terms to Know

The average consumer lives in a world inundated with digital touchpoints. This barrage of digital communication is what makes receiving a handwritten note feel so special. It’s something different, something that can be felt, touched and appreciated in a way that email will never be able to capture. Whether you are crafting your first handwritten

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Handwritten Notes for Sales

Getting Started With Handwritten Notes for Sales

We all have something we could improve in our lives, whether it’s going to the gym, getting enough sleep, or eating better. As a salesperson, sending out handwritten notes for customer follow-up certainly falls into this bucket for most of us. Getting started is always the most difficult part but trust me, it will pay

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Handwritten Notes for Business - Best Practices

Handwritten Notes for Business – Best Practices

Marketers are challenged with creating unique and genuine personalized experiences at every step of the customer journey in-store, online, and beyond. When leveraged appropriately, handwritten notes can be the perfect medium for standing out from today’s avalanche of digital noise to create lasting connections with customers. Having helped businesses send 1 million+ handwritten notes over

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