Handwritten Notes For the Holidays

Surprise and delight your customers during the Holidays with personalized, pen-written notes. From sending promo codes for Black Friday to thanking them for a great year, our handwritten note service has you covered.

When should you use Handwritten Notes?

Black Friday

Set yourself apart from the competition who only send printed mail or email leading up to Black Friday. Handwritten notes, written with real pens, almost always get open and read. Measure promo code redemption against segments and see the difference handwritten notes can make.

holiday Catalogs

Drive engagement this holiday season by adding the personal touch of a handwritten note to your catalogs. We’ve seen customers have tremendous success sending notes from sales associates welcoming customers in-store for assistance in selecting holiday items for purchase.

Seasons Greetings

Build loyalty with your VIP customers that matter most by sending them a personalized, handwritten card this holiday. 61% of Americans reported that receiving a handwritten note from a company would make them view that business more favorably. 

Case Study: Handwritten Notes and Holiday Catalogs

Goal: One of the world’s leading luxury fashion brands wanted to drive engagement by adding a personal touch when sending out seasonal catalogs to their current customers.

Strategy: Over a 45-day period, the company sent 75,000 holiday catalogs to current customers containing handwritten notes as part of an omni-channel experience. The notes came from specific sales associates introducing the holiday catalog and welcoming them in-store for assistance in selecting holiday items for purchase.

Result: The company saw $15 million+ in total sales for that specific market over a 4-week period.

Holiday Handwritten Note Service