Handwritten Notes

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are a series of common questions and answers about how Wami’s handwritten note services work and other resources available for you so that you can make the most out of your handwritten notes campaign.

If you have others, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help. 

General Questions

We have have a fleet of proprietary, purpose-built handwriting robots that combined with Wami’s software can mimic human handwriting.

Yes, every note is written in pen. Wami only offers pen-written notes, we do not offer digitally printed handwriting.

For new clients, please reach out sales@wami.io if interested in placing an order. Our associates with match you with an account manager who will process your campaign for you.

Our standard/default pen is a Navy Blue Fine Tip Pilot G2. We are able to use alternate colors/pens upon request but reserve the right to reject non-compatible pens.

Depending on the stationery size, the typical message copy should be 450 characters (70-80 words) or less. This includes spaces. If you have any questions on the best types of message copy for your campaign, our team can help!

We ask that data be formatted as a .csv file and shared via Dropbox. We have a template we can share if your team is unsure how to format data. Prior to placing an order, we will grant you access to your own Dropbox folder where you can securely collaborate with the Wami team. We prefer Dropbox for their extensive security protocols but can work with most secure transfer platforms.


Yes we can. Our expert handwriting team will recreate your handwriting one character at a time with meticulous detail.

Our handwriting technology accounts for human error and variation across every note making each note unique and personalized. Each handwriting style Wami offers includes up to 15 different variations of each character which are randomized across each note. If you order 100,000 notes all with the same message copy, no two notes will ever look the same.

We totally understand! We offer multiple, unique house styles to choose from in addition to offering personalized digitizations. Additionally, we offer signature digitization services which can be combined with any of our house handwriting styles.

Wami currently supports English only handwriting styles. We can digitize other languages but they have to be based in English characters.


You can download the Wami stationery template here

We suggest editing the template in Adobe Illustrator. 

Absolutely. Our team of experts can help you design the perfect stationery for your specific campaigns goals.

Please send us an email at sales (at) wami.io with your specific campaign needs. 

No, Wami will never put any branding on the notes other than what the client specifies. The branding seen in our web images is for reference only.

Yes, we can use third party stationery. We recommend using stationery that is 7″x 5″ or smaller for best results. If you would like to use your own stationery, we will ask for a sample set to test with first so we can confirm that it is compatible with our robots.


Yes. We offer Pilot campaigns as proofs-of-concept with brands we see long-term potential for a relationship.

With our Pilot program, we will work directly with your team to come up with a measurable KPI for the initial campaign (i.e., promo code redemption with handwritten notes vs. email audience) and time frame for results.


Yes we do. For campaigns being sent directly to recipients, we will machine-apply first class forever stamps to each and every note. If you need us to coordinate with shipping handwritten notes in bulk back your facility or a third-party logistics provider, we’ve got you covered as well.

Yes, we can bulk ship internationally or alternatively, we can apply an international stamp at $1.15/stamp. Notes will show that they came from the U.S. and international delivery typically takes about 5-7 business days post production time.

We mail our handwritten notes from Tennessee or New York City, but we also offer drop shipping notes in bulk if you’d like to apply a specific postmark.