Who We Are

About our mission, team and approach

Our Mission

At Wami, we specialize in working exclusively with the world’s top luxury retail and eCommerce companies to create moments of surprise and delight for their customers through beautiful, personalized, handwritten notes. We empower brands who believe in standing out from the avalanche of digital noise to create lasting connections with their customers.

Our first product, handwritten notes, is meant to be a precision touchpoint. The more personalized the brand can make that note the more powerful the note becomes as a delivery mechanism. Our ideal world is one in which a brand sends such an impactful message that a consumer wants to share it with a friend or on social media.

In our past life, we led product and technology at Bond.co, which delivered personalized handwritten notes at scale for both businesses and consumers. Bond.co shut its doors in 2019, but the customer retention expertise and passion for handwritten notes motivated the Wami team to start this company. We believed pen-written robotic notes had barely scratched the surface of its potential and we’re excited to explore that passion with our customers today.